Andean Archaeotourism and travel seminaries

Understanding is a profound form of knowing.  The Andean culture offers us a fascinating conceptual and creative universe in its ancestral art and design.

Discovering the mysteries of the millenary Andean symbolism behind the Art and the Architecture with an expert. History, Arts, Architecture, Design, Cosmovision, Semiotics, Andean Millenary Wisdom…

The Code of the Huacas

A new vision of the millenary Andean Culture, History and Arts.

Discovering Huacas of Cusco and Sacred Valley

Huaca means symbolic sacred megalithic place or stone.

The Sacred Valley Sanctuaries pay homage to the Sun, the ancient grand father symbolized in the Condor, the Earth in the Alpaca, the Water in the Serpent and the Thunder in the Jaguar.

The architectural forms occult these totemic animals, whose images are drawn by the cyclical and calendar sun lights.

During the last years, Zadir Milla Euribe has researched and discovered the ancient codes of the pre-Columbian symbols and huacas, present in the design of astronomical calendars since the beginning of Chavin culture, four thousand years ago, until the inkas. Only in Machu Picchu he registered 60 unknown light and shadow huacas.

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The Big Condor flying constructed with Andean terraces on the mountain, discovered in our exploration travels at Sacred Valley.

Huaca of the Big Condor of Tampu.

Astronomical mirrors... You can know how they function...

Big Condor temple hidden on the landscape with its secret huacas.

View from the top of Wayna Picchu Sacred Mountain, where many huacas are expecting to be discovered. 

The Sacred Cave keeps some fantastic megalithic huacas.

Can you see the Condor shaped temple? Visit it with us.

The huaca of Sacred Alpaca looking at the upper world...

and more...

You can discover sanctuaries of Cusco and Sacred Valley, Titiqaqa Lake, the coastal deserts and geoglyphs by car or by plane, sacred tablelands of Cumbemayo and Markawasi ...and much more...